Medicare is AOK Says the "Republican" Senate Candidate from Florida

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There is a Soooooper Genius Republican in Florida running for US Senate name Mike Haridopolos. I mention him to you because he is not a very nice man.

Florida’s Mike Haridopolos, the current state senate president running for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate, doubled down today on his opposition to Medicare reforms in the 2012 House Republican budget proposal, saying that he would not want to see major reforms to the entitlement program until closer to 2035.

“Medicare is not a welfare program,” Haridopolos said today in an interview with THE WEEKLY STANDARD. “It is a program that each one of us at this table will have paid 47 years of taxes for, and I’m a little reluctant to make that full jump.” The 41-year-old said he thinks Medicare ought to be reformed for those closer to his own age, people who “have 25 years to prepare.”

“That’s roughly what we’re looking at,” Haridopolis said. “If we’re going to make that transition, let’s give someone the true time to prepare.”

That, by the way, is the Paul Ryan plan in a nutshell but Mike Whatever-the-hell-his-name-is doesn’t know that because he hasn’t done his homework. It wouldn’t be difficult to build at least a passing familiarity with the plan, by the way. It would take perhaps a couple hours actually reading Ryan’s plan and maybe another hour or so with any of the well-researched analyses freely available on the internet. But he has no interest in that. He had some pandering to do! After all, that research won’t help him scare the bejeezus out of the senior citizens he’ll need to vote for him in the primary election even though the truth about Medicare is far more frightening than his fantasy.

You think I’m being too rough on Mike Happyslappypuss? Here’s how he’d “fix” Medicare.

According to the Medicare Trustees’ Report released last month, the “trust fund” for Medicare is projected to run out by 2024. Why does Haridopolis think it’s possible to delay the implementation of major reforms until 2035?

“I think it’s fair to say that the economy will grow,” Haridopolos said. “And I think it’s fair to say that you’re going to have to look at some [Department of Defense] cuts. You’re going to have to look at other areas.”

That, folks, is pandering, and it’s flat-out irresponsible. It doesn’t take a genius to look at the current Medicare situation, compare it to our rapidly-aging population, and realize that a few paltry defense cuts won’t do it. And if he really believes our economy will grow fast enough to capture enough in Medicare withholding from the people who are working to pay for the people who aren’t, well, he’s not fit to work a McDonald’s drive-through much less sit in the United States Senate.

Of course he doesn’t believe that. No human being capable of walking upright and forming simple words believes that Medicare can survive unless we make some fairly major changes to the system. The people out there right now saying that things are great just as they are, like Mike Hairbearbunch and Nancy Pelosi, are lying to you in the hope that you will buy their lie just long enough to let them grab another small bit of personal power.

In other words, they’re trading their integrity and your well-being for a few years of luxurious perks and a career of cushy speaking engagements. That ought to tick you off. I sure as heck hope it ticks the people of Florida off.

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