Journalists Being Journ-O-Listy: "Operation: ZOMG! Get Palin!" Has Begun

| June 10, 2011 | 5 Replies

This is a thing that is really happening right now.

If your idea of an engrossing tour through American history is reading 24,199 pages of emails from Sarah Palin’s first two years as governor of Alaska, then set aside some time this weekend. A free, searchable, online archive of the former governor’s public records is going online now at

That free, public, searchable archive is now online, with the first 6,698 pages online, at Watch that space and the Twitter feed @openchannelblog for updates with the Twitter hashtag #palinemail. All details are in our live blog.

The Washington Post, New York Times, and Guardian are on the Case of the Hidden Scandal That Might Could Be Hiding Somewhere in That Years-Old Haystack of E-mails as well. Each of them have asked their readers to spend their weekends combing through pages upon pages of correspondence with the hope that they will find a weapon the MSM can use against Palin.

Don’t believe me? Watch this CNN report and note how eager the “journalist” sitting behind the desk is for his guy in Alaska, reporting from E-Mail Sifting Central Headquarters, to report any crumb of negative news.

Already, we’ve begun to see the first trickle of wickedly-biased headlines. William Jacobson toured around Google and captured a few from the first afternoon of Operation Get Palin. We’ll see a lot more of these over the weekend, because the MSM is fairly desperate to look like it’s doing something that looks like journalism after its disastrous failures to investigate #WeinerGate; Obamacare; the Vote Buying Act Stimulus Bill;, the Auto Bailouts; Cash for Clunkers; President Obama’s “work” history in Chicago, his association with criminals like Tony Resko and William Ayers or racists like Jeremiah Wright and Father Pfleger, or his college grades and law journal work; John Edwards’ affair; our brand-new wars in Libya and Yemen; the administration’s dictator-friendly policies in Honduras; Project Gunrunner, the DOJ’s mishandling of the Black Panthers’ voter intimidation case, the administration’s continued bumbling of the economy, the over 1,400 Obamacare waivers; the rampant incompetence of the hands-on TSA; or the Senate Democrats’ failure to pass a budget for going on two years.

But, like Michelle Malkin said in this interview with the Daily Caller, the MSM haven’t been sources of real journalism for a long time. They are “left-wing organs” who are tied as closely to the progressive ideology of the Democratic Party as Chang Bunker was to his brother Eng. As such, they have little choice but to beclown themselves. If they don’t — if they do as little as print something favorable to a potential Obama competitor — they will find themselves cut off and not one of their left-wing friends will raise a finger to help them.

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