MD’s Cardin to VP Biden: Kill Medicare Reform and Our Senate Careers, Too.

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It’s not every day you see a handful of Senators try to demagogue themselves right out of office, but today appears to be that day.

Sen. Benjamin L. Cardin was one of five Senate Democrats — all of whom are up for reelection next year — to sign a letter to Vice President Joe Biden asking that the Republican plan to overhaul Medicare be taken off the table as part of the ongoing White House deficit talks.

The Medicare proposal, crafted by House Republican Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan and passed by the House in April, would provide seniors federal subsidies to purchase private health insurance — a change that would save money by requiring seniors to pay a higher share of their healthcare costs.

Democrats have attacked the idea for weeks and have already used the issue once successfully as a campaign theme to win a special election in New York last month. At the same time, Democrats — including President Barack Obama — have acknowledged that entitlement reform of some kind will be necessary to address the nation’s debt.

That last sentence, by the way, is flatly untrue. The Democrats — including President Barack Obama — acknowledge no such thing. As I have noted both here and on The Delivery, the Democrats’ Medicare plan is to keep things exactly the way they are right now.

There’s another neat little deception in the article as well. While Paul Ryan’s plan does require those who will eventually end up on Medicare to pay a higher share of their coverage, the plan will also reduce the cost of care* by a variety of means that don’t include Obamacare’s “because the government said so” approach, so that the payment will be lower overall. In other words, Ryan’s plan will require seniors pay a larger percentage of the bill, but the overall bill will be far lower than it is right now. Remember also, everyone who is 55 years old or older will be completely exempt from Ryan’s plan. This is a point Democrats deceptively fail to mention when they criticize the GOP efforts to fix the evident and inevitable collapse of the system.

What Cardin and his buddies are really trying to do is take the entire impending collapse of Medicare off the table because he doesn’t want to deal seriously with it. His party is utterly bereft of useful and sane ideas for how to fix the entitlement monster they built. If that’s really their strategy, who am I to argue with them? I’ll only note that Daniel Bongino, a conservative and a former NYPD and Secret Service agent will be more than happy to help him move out of that cushy office. If only we could move him out of his cushy retirement and health care package that he gets no matter if Medicare crashes or not.


*An interesting sidebar: I spent a few minutes Googling for articles that explained how Ryan’s plan would reduce costs so you can see them for yourself. Five pages of stock Democratic criticisms in the MSM and on left-wing blogs later, I found the article I linked. The GOP is getting their brains beaten out in new media on this issue (and others, but that’s another story) and I can’t for the life of me understand why they continue to let that happen. It is not hard to continually press the “we have plans and they have nothing at all” story online but the RNC isn’t doing it. Neither are the House of Senate Republican coalitions.

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