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I admit, when the #WeinerGate story (see Stacy McCain or Big Government for full *ahem* coverage) first broke over the Memorial Day weekend, it amused the heck out of me. It had all the elements of funny: an arrogant, self-important politician, hubris, an underwear-clad crotch. What’s not to laugh about there? However, the more the story progressed, the less funny it’s become. Weiner has turned his usual boorishness up to 11 and, with notable exceptions, the MSM has crowded around him to either lie through their teeth in his defense or give him a long and loving tongue-bath.

At this point, I’m actually angry that this story has dragged out for so long and I’m convinced that the only reason it has is because the subject of the story is media darling Democrat Anthony Weiner. If some Republican had sent a crotch picture to a co-ed, the MSM would have his scalp on the wall today. Don’t even think of arguing with me on this. You know it’s true. There is a legitimate national security question in play here and we should not have had to wait almost a week for the media or the authorities to get involved.

It’s also true that this story is only a big deal because, among Democrats, Anthony Weiner is a golden child. He’s married to a trusted aide to a personal friend of the Secretary of State. A former President of the United States presided over his wedding. He has plum committee assignments and is one of the Democrats’ most valuable attack dogs. If Representative John Q. Whatshisface had waggled his crotch at someone on Twitter, the story would have flamed out long ago and the poor schlub would be sitting on the Sub-Sub-Sub-Committee on Advising the Sub-Sub-Committee that Advises the Sub-Committee on Dryer Lint Reduction. Indeed, Weiner’s importance to his party is the only reason his ridiculous excuses haven’t gotten him pistol-whipped, shoved into a burlap bag, stuffed in the trunk of a car, and driven to a deserted junkyard by now by Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

And speaking of ridiculous excuses, is there a person out there whose head isn’t fully up the tail-end of the progressive movement who actually buys Weiner’s lame reasons for not reporting the crime he clearly said occurred? Show me that person and I’ll show you someone who should not be allowed to use pointy objects with adult supervision and plenty of padding. And then I’ll slap that person until something that resembles average adult intelligence spontaneously generates in their hollow and sorry skull.

Here’s what really happened: Anthony Weiner screwed up. He made a mistake — one that we can all understand because only about a bazillion people before him have made very similar mistakes — then compounded his mistake with a panic-driven lie so ridiculous that only a brain-damaged stoat, Wolf Blitzer, or Joan Walsh, would buy it. Then he compounded that lie with another lie so bad that…well, cue the stoats, Wolfie, and Joan. Then he kicked his world-famous arrogance into gear to bully those few reporters interested in doing their jobs far enough off the story that the remainder of the Main Stoat Media could clear a path whereby he could probably skate by with only minimal political damage.

He’ll probably get away with it, too. And the Main Stoat Media will go back to licking his…feet…when he lies about Medicare. And our truly lovely political system will corrode just a little bit more.

That’s what makes me angriest of all.

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