Clearing the Browser Tabs – Democratic Debt Mutiny Wednesday Edition

| June 1, 2011 | Reply

The House of Representatives refused to raise the debt ceiling yesterday in a vote the MSM is deceptively calling “symbolic”. So much for objectivity, huh? Why it’s almost like the media were using a talking point provided by the House Democratic leadership or something.

If this vote was purely symbolic, then why did almost half of the Democrats vote to slap down President Obama and their own leadership? I’ll tell you why. The game has changed. The days when Congress could simply throw our money down any number of ratholes has come to an end. The next debt ceiling vote, the one the MSM won’t call “symbolic”, is going to come with quite a few strings attached. The Democrats want those strings to be radically higher taxes, not just on the “rich”, but on every single one of us. Republicans will be looking to hack away at the budget with a chainsaw. One of those approaches will be good for us. The other will simply be an excuse to do business as usual. Let us hope that the Democrats who mutinied today continue to buck their leaders and vote wisely. Our future truly does depend on it.

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