Clearing the Browser Tabs – Get Your Regulations Off Of My Throat Monday Edition

| May 31, 2011 | Reply

Mark Steyn nailed one of our biggest economic problems in his column today – the tend of thousands of federal, state, and local regulations that choke out small businesses and cost us more each year than either India or Canada produce. In many places, it is practically impossible to open a small business unless you:  1) are willing to wait several months for the permits to clear, 2) have plenty of extra money around to pay off the various government agencies who require you to get their permits, and 3) agree to a blizzard of other operations rules that will likely require you to put a lawyer on retainer.

Entrepreneurship is what built America. It is, dare I say, her entire heart and soul. And it is being crushed by what Steyn calls “hyper-regulatory tyranny”. He is not wrong. It is tyranny. Unless we stop it, it will destroy the country we have and replace it with a country we do not want and will not like.

That, as much as anything, ought to be one of the GOP’s main lines of attack against the regulation-loving, totalitarian wanna-be Democrats in the coming Presidential campaign.

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