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There may be no more risible human being in the Senate than Dick Durbin, the Senior party hack from Illinois. Yesterday, he kicked up his normal dishonesty a few notches when in a fundraising e-mail  to a bunch of rubes potential Democrat donors he said a Republican-controlled Senate would be “a nightmare scenario”.

I am most impressed with his mathematical skills — at one point he assured his would-be marks that only four seats could herald disaster because “I count the votes”. Well! Who wouldn’t want to empty their wallets for a guy who can count to four?

But you know, when I think of a “nightmare scenario”, I think of a situation where the Senate votes on four separate budget bills (including one proposed by President Obama) and none of them get so much as one vote from a Democrat. That actually happened in the space of just a couple hours on Wednesday night. Dick Durbin can pose and preen all he likes, but the very simple fact is that he and the rest of his Democrat comrades have decided they’d much rather ration your health care and spread shameless lies than take any sort of grown-up responsibility for the financial health of our country.

And now, links!

  • Victor Davis Hanson is one of the best writers working today and his lament at the sorry state of his beloved California will tug at your heart-string and just might make you a little bit angry (via Mark Steyn, who has a couple excellent thoughts on the subject as well).
  • This short interview with Kevin Williamson on socialism out to be required viewing in every high school civics class. I also recommend this longer interview about his book on the subject on C-SPAN’s After Words.
  • I like that Colombia is getting on the web in a big way. I’d much rather American companies work with companies there than companies, say, in  China. Now, if our President would get off his tail and get the free trade agreement with Colombia done, we’d really see some worthwhile action.
  • I am not shocked by this at all: Figures – ‘Historians’ Rank Former Democrat Presidents Higher than Republicans.
  • I noted on Wednesday that the we taxpayers are now paying for a White House truth minister. You probably won’t be terribly surprised to know that his wife is a bigwig at and was one of the people responsible for the “General Betray Us” smear.
  • I love cool trivia and this article with 14 little-known facts about The Addams Family made me quite happy.
  • One day you might be tempted to scoop up a small amount of a neutron star with a teaspoon. Resist that urge, because the results will be horrible for you.


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