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I am by no means an abortion crusader. I oppose abortion and very much want as many states as possible to outlaw it (which means also that I want the voters of each state to decide the matter themselves). I think we should get behind adoptions as much as humanly possible and ease back off the throttle of sexuality in our society in general.

But that’s me. Your mileage, as they say on the internet, may vary. Regardless of where you are on the issue, I don’t think you’ll disagree greatly that in no case should we accept when 20,000 abortions a year in any country are “repeats” or when more than 4 million babies have been killed in utero in just one country because of their gender. That is no one’s reasonable expectation of what legal abortions ought to look like and I’m sure we can find a shared sense of disgust that such a situation exists.

And now, links!

  • I think it’s news if a professor at Columbia University, who also happens to be a contributor to one of the largest news-gathering web sites in the world, is convicted of a sex crime. Apparently, the MSM disagrees.
  • Stacy McCain wonders why it was so important to conservatives to get Scott Brown elected.
  • Lean Forward — Into Federal Dog Parks.
  • After all the sturm und drang over Scott Walker’s budget in Wisconson, it turns out that with just a little work from the teachers’ unions, the state won’t have to lose a single teaching job.
  • Troglopundit lays a well-earned smackdown on David Frum over Medicare and Paul Ryan’s plan.
  • If you’re a content-producer, YouTube is not at all your friend.
  • Chris Wysocki found that covering up for tax cheaters has a long tradition among Democrats.
  • Did you know that Mars is lopsided? It is, and Livescience has an interesting video on a new theory that explains how it got that way.


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