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Jonah Goldberg, with a primary assist from John Podhoretz, reveals the likely reason more good Republicans don’t want to run for President. I’ll give you a hint: a billion dollars in the hands of a gang of political thugs who have had no problem digging hard for dirt about rival candidates is an awfully big threat.

Whoever ultimately wins the Republican nomination will have to face the worst that billion dollars will buy plus a sustained onslaught from the MSM, who have already proven how in the tank for this President they are. They’re going to need every ounce of support they can get, so we might as well get all the silliness out of our systems now. We won’t have time for it after the ticket is set.

Don’t miss tonight’s live broadcast of The Delivery at 9:30 PM Eastern. So far as I know, all systems are back to normal and I’m ready to get at it.

And now, links!

  • Contrary to wild Internet rumor, Ashley Sewell has not joined Seal Team Six to comb the Pakistani hinterlands for Mullah Omar. She’s just been busy with a couple new work ventures. I’m glad she’s back and well!
  • Jedediah Bila took a sledgehammer to the “electability” argument. Good for her. I don’t think it should be controversial to let every candidate have a fair shot to make their case for our votes. The people who scream “unelectable” aren’t honest participants in the process. They’re saboteurs who want to drown out a candidate’s message before anyone can hear it.
  • The attempt by CBS to dishonestly rehabilitate Al Sharpton’s reputation is more than a little bit disgusting and ought to doom the network as a trusted source of news.
  • I can’t imagine that anyone’s surprised that Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown has run as far away from any meaningful Medicare reform as he can. He’s a “moderate” and they are not known for their political courage.
  • Speaking of announcements that should surprise no-one, Cynthia McKinney has gone full-tile boogie for tyranny. Glenn Reynolds can barely contain his shock. I was going to identify her as a Democrat, but she left the party of her own volition and under no pressure at all, in 2007.
  • With a wave of the magic wand of Orwellian language control, the Castro Brothers have turned over 300,000 former enemies of the Socialist paradise into productive private sector workers!
  • According to this Geek Zodiac, I was born under the sign of The Spy.
  • Two months ago, the MESSENGER spacecraft entered orbit around Mercy and started sending back some very good pictures. Behold, the coolness of science!
  • Sunday’s Astrononomy Picture of the Day would make a very good desktop wallpaper, I bet.



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One Response to “Clearing the Browser Tabs - Facing the Obamabucks Tuesday Edition”

  1. @AngelaTC says:

    Like we're supposed to cry about people putting out the dirty truth about politicians. Screw that. Its the liberals who aren't supposed to believe in personal responsibility.

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