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Yesterday evening, a tornado that may have been an F5 tore through the city of Joplin, Missouri. As of last night, the death toll was 24, but that number is sure to rise as rescuers continue to work under daylight conditions. According to Josh Elliott of ABC, the Red Cross said that 75 percent of the town was gone. The editor of the city’s local paper, who is still missing member of his staff, said the damage was “massive”.  Photographs of the storm damage are staggering, especially those of St. John’s Regional Medical Center that had to be evacuated.

If you are the praying type, I’m sure the people of the city and those with loved ones there could use your help. Ace has a thread going with updates as they come in. It might be worth a check or two later tonight or tomorrow.

And now, links!

  • Whereas most of the time I wield a sledgehammer on The Shack, Chris Muir wields a stiletto like a Borgia.
  • Ed Driscoll has noted that President Obama seems to be doing his dead-level best to out-Carter Jimmy Carter when it comes to Israel. Jeff Goldstein has a few thoughts on the President’s throwback policies as well.
  • Yet another Socialist government in Europe has gone down to crushing, and entirely deserved, defeat. That doesn’t mean Socialism is dead, but it does add another chapter to The Big Book of Socialist Failures.
  • I think Mollie Hemingway is a fantastic writer and an interesting person. She works in an area — faith and religion — where she’s not likely to get very much of the spotlight. I’m glad Ricochet added her as an editor (her deft evisceration of a Nck Kristof column on abortion and the Bible is especially worth your time) and I hope she gets more paying work than she can handle.
  • Come to think of it, I really would like a moat full of alligators on the southern border. At least it would slow down the drug gangs.
  • It is refreshing to see some commentary in the MSM on the Camping Heresy from someone who knows a bit about Evangelicals (via memeorandum).
  • This is an interesting infographic on the record industry’s war on piracy, or at least what the RIAA considers piracy.



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