Clearing the Browser Tabs – Cain Train Saturday Edition

| May 21, 2011 | Reply

It is now official; Herman Cain is in the 2012 presidential race. He made the official announcement today in Atlanta George before a crowd that reportedly numbered over 10,000.

Wait…over 10,000? That many people crowded Centennial Park on a day when temperatures reached 90 degrees by mid-afternoon to hear an announcement speech from a candidate whose campaign conservative punditry giant Charles Krauthammer said is nothing more than “entertainment”?

Huh. Well, I suppose you could listen to Krauthammer and the other “smart pundits” or you could pay attention to how the people who will actually cast primary votes react to Cain pretty much everywhere he goes. I realize the clever insider politicos (not, by the way, that being an “insider” is by itself a bad thing) have dismissed Cain because he’s never held political office, but I’d refer them to the first half of this episode of The Delivery for my counter-argument.

I’ve yet to hear a better reason than “well, because” for why a President needs to have held any elected office before and I laid out a couple good reasons why a skilled and experienced executive can do just fine without such experience. It’s worth a listen.

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