Hey Republicans! Let's Make A Video!

| May 18, 2011 | 1 Reply

Okay Republicans, time to show you have some game.

Here’s the deal. A well-heeled left-wing activist group made a commercial to attack Paul Ryan’s Medicare reform plan. It is, as you’d expect from a group founded by the woman behind Media Matters, Think Progress, and the F**k Tea line of clothing, a bilious load of crap. However, it’s out there and deserves a response, lest it be taken as gospel by those who only watch the MSM for their news every day.

I’d like a see a video response, released by the end of the week. It’ll take a bit of hustle, some real creativity, and a couple folks who know how to do good video work, but those things are in plentiful supply in the conservative new media. Go get Ladd Ehlinger to handle the directing. Bring Ben Howe, Lee Doren, and Steven Crowder to write and act in it (you’ll need to cast a couple other parts, but that shouldn’t be difficult). Among the four of them, production and editing should be a snap.

I’ll even give you the outline of the new video. I admit it’s rough, since I pretty much just cooked it up off the top of my head while on Twitter, but I’m sure that those four guys could whip it into something funny and cutting.

Here’s what I suggest.

Shoot the new video just like the old one — exactly like it, including “America the Beautiful” and the nice old lady — right up to the point where the Paul Ryan stand-in starts to push her down the hill. That’s when the video will change.

My video would have the old woman dig in her heels and stop the wheelchair. She’d get up quickly, turn to the stand-in and say, “Wait a minute. You’re trying to tell America that Paul Ryan and his friends want to kill senior citizens? Is that what you’re doing?”

The stand-in would stammer nervously for a second and she’d continue, “That’s not true at all. That’s a lie! Paul Ryan doesn’t want to kill people like me! he wants to make sure that when you’re my age, young man, you have a safety net just like I have now!” At this point, she will have turned to address the camera crew, who would be shot by a second camera. “You ought to be ashamed spreading a lie like that! Why we can read Paul Ryan’s plan for ourselves right on the internet! Just who do you think you are?”

The camera crew would look more and more ashamed as she confronts them, like they’d rather be anywhere else but there at that moment. Then, the woman would turn to the camera. “The people who made this, these friends of Democrats, think we senior citizens are stupid. They think we’ll fall for this silly lie. Well, we’re not and we won’t. Shame on them!”. Then, she’ll walk off, muttering to herself about contributing to Republicans and working to throw liars out of office and getting all her friends to do the same.

If conservatives hope to get a real toehold in the popular entertainment culture, we’re going to have to move quickly, be witty, and use the vast legion of smart and funny people who are already out there in the social media world doing the work we want done. It’s time Republicans brought a few of those people into the game for real. This video would be an important beginning.

So get cracking, GOP!

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