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Are the Democrats actually trying to tank the next election or do they simply not understand how bad they look right now? On Friday, we learned that the Obama administration handed out a huge Get Out of Obamacare Free card to almost 40 businesses in Nancy Pelosi’s home district. The waivers were, as I wrote yesterday, the first given to businesses or groups that weren’t of a few very particular types (which included labor unions).

Yesterday, the administration one-upped Friday’s move and handed an Obamacare exemption to the entire State of Nevada, whose senior Senator is none other than Harry Reid.  The reason the administration granted the waiver, by the way, was for a circumstance the Democrats said would not happen if we passed their wondrous plan of awesomeness. Companies wouldn’t drop policy holders because of cost, they said. Obamacare wouldn’t chase insurers out of the market, they said.

Well, today, the tune they’re singing is quite different and in just two business days, the Obama administration have tossed a humongous bone to the two people most responsible for ramming the noxious health care law down our throats. Must be nice to have that much power. Sure wish we could have a little of that ourselves, huh?

The show may be out later today, but it’s likely I won’t see it until Thursday. The internet is out at SMP Mike’s Palace of Production and he tells me the service folks won’t be out until then. As soon as he’s done with it, I’ll get the post out!

And now, links!

  • Did you know that you are sponsoring a movie made by the Chinese Communist Party to celebrate the anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party? Well, you are, thanks to your ownership in General Motors.
  • If you think spam text messages are bad, wait until the government starts texting you.
  • What was all that noise about the number of jobs the Vote Buying Act Stimulus Bill “saved or created”?
  • The “Gang of Six” looks like it’s now the “Gang of Five and Falling”. Hallelujah. I hate these Senatorial “gangs”.
  • No wonder we’re still in a recession, what with the 66 brand-new “economically significant regulations” the administration has dropped on us each of the last two years.
  • Apparently, Osama bin Laden’s wives feel a tinge of hostility toward us. That’s too bad. I might forgive them if any of them looked or acted like this hostile witness.
  • Now this is how you link-troll!
  • If loving “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century” is wrong, I don’t want to be right.
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