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At some point, you’d think the MSM would twig to the fact that the Obama administration has now granted almost 1,400 waivers to its super-awesome government-run health care program. The latest round of waivers, announced on Friday to avoid the big news cycles, came to 221 and included many labor unions. You might recall how much money unions spent nationally to get Obamacare passed in the first place. Now, they’re getting their payback — exemptions from the ridiculously expensive provisions of the plan so that they don’t have to insure their employees the way less politically-connected companies will have to once the law goes into full effect.

The wavers aren’t going to slow down, either. Nursing homes around the country are coming together to lobby for their own exemptions so they can simply stay in operation. That should tell you just how damaging Obamacare will be once the Democrats’ big plan comes to fruition.

Remember to be in your place for The Delivery tonight at 9:30 PM Eastern.  I have plenty of notes and I’m in fine fettle. You won’t want to miss it!

And now, links!

  • The paranoid chickens have come home to roost.
  • It should be a scandal for a working journalist to cover the President and advise him on the side, but it won’t be.
  • I never thought Donald Trump would run for President. He’s always been more interested in representing himself and he’d have to change his entire personality to take a job where he had to represent anyone else, much less the entire nation.
  • Phineas: “Dear Republicans: This is a club, learn to use it.” I do believe Paul Ryan may be figuring that out for himself, if this speech is any indication.
  • Carolyn Tackett: Stephen Hawking is a man of faith, whether he recognizes it or not.
  • Sometimes, A man can be so smart he misses the obvious point sitting right in front of him. Byron York did just that in his interview with Herman Cain, but Stacy saw what needed to be seen.
  • Like a colony of cockroaches, ACORN is alive and ready to infest the 2012 election (via memeorandum).
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