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Thank goodness Michael Barone isn’t like the rest of the MSM, who pretty much ignored Barack Obama’s past record on immigration when he gave his haughty and condescending speech in Texas last week. Then again, spreading misinformation about the Democratic immigration record has been a bit of a hobby for the national media, almost as if they were a slight bit more interested in pushing a political agenda than they have been in telling things as they are.

I wonder if Bill Clinton’s International Truth Squad would be of any help here.

And now, links!

  • I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, because it’s important. The folks on the right who have a few million to dump into failed political campaign and costly ad campaigns would be far better off investing in writers like Dan Collins, who will give them far more bang for their buck than they can imagine. That goes for folks who can only invest ten or twenty dollars, too.
  • Now is the time at Ed Driscoll Dot Com when we play the same old song!
  • I honestly have no idea what Newt Gingrich was thinking when he showed up on Meet the Press with a brain packed full of Democratic talking points on government-run health care and against Paul Ryan’s budget plan. Oh, and he was dead wrong on the “free rider” problem.
  • Andrew Breitbart spend some time on Adam Corolla’s (NSFW) podcast and it appears he found a kindred spirit.
  • To my friend Paula, some things are not about “only words”.
  • Of all the Spongebob Squarepants characters to go into space, who knew that Squidward would be the first?
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