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Noam Chomsky is an idiot. Mark Steyn and Moe Lane are not.

And neither am I.

Not only do I refuse to shed a tear for the death of Osama bin Laden, but I gave a couple extra fist-pumps into the air because of it. The United States of America — and have no illusions here, the killing was done in your name and mine — put down a vicious dog of a human being who very much needed to be put down.

I will never mourn the righteous killing of a monster. On the contrary, I will celebrate it and enjoy a very deep belly laugh that right now he’s working his way through the digestive systems of all manner of aquatic life.

And if this German judge doesn’t like that, he can go pound sand.

And now, links!

  • I am afraid that at some point, the showdown over the Second Amendment Chris Muir so artfully illustrated might not be all that make-believe.
  • Hooray for 9 percent unemployment? Seriously?
  • I have a short “dream list” of people I’d like to have on The Delivery. Amity Shlaes is on it.
  • Veronique de Rugy, who is also on that short list, wrote an excellent piece on the myths and facts about the corporate income tax that I consider essential reading this week.
  • Progressive politics always start out with good intentions and always end up hurting the very people they’re supposed to help.
  • Kathleen Sibelius should be fired tomorrow. No cabinet secretary should ever, ever be allowed to say that over half the country wants to kill senior citizens without dire consequence. Of course, she will suffer no consequences. This administration is far more interested in scoring cheap political points than it is in reviving the economy or bringing down gas prices.
  • If you’re looking for a couple very good documentaries at an excellent price, Little Miss Attila has quite a deal for you.
  • Stephen Kruiser is a very, very funny man. If the world was just, he’d be on our television a lot more and quite a few unfunny hacks who know how to stroke progressive Hollywood and New York City egos would be there a lot less.
  • Double rainbow all the way across the sky!!



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