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I don’t want to go on for paragraphs about my Mom, though I could easily do so. She’s my Mom and I love her, without reservation and until the very end. I’d run through a wall headfirst for her. She spent countless hours, and irreplaceable chunks of her live molding an precocious, daydreaming, brilliant nerdy kid into the man I am today. I can’t repay her for her relentless and powerful love nor would I even pretend to know how to begin.

I love you, Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful Moms out there who do every day for their kids what my Mom did for me.

And now, links!

  • Just a conservative girl has a song for her Mama. Okay, it’s Boyz 2 Men, but we don’t judge here today.
  • Alberto de la Cruz at BabalĂş found a very touching tribute to a Cuban mother and drillanwr payed tribute to the mother of a hero.
  • George Moneo is about to fire up the grill for a whole host of mothers!
  • Sister Toldjah’s Mom is every bit as pretty as she. It’s not hard to see from whence her loveliness came!
  • Doug Powers, writing at Michelle’s place, has a few good historical links, plus the obligatory note that the abortion mill known as Planned Parenthood has decided Mother’s Day is a fine time to go on a fund raising jag.
  • Dana Loesch is right; motherhood is political. It is no coincidence that mothers have gotten increasingly involved in grassroots politics as the left has pushed the country closer to economic ruin. Cheers to the Mama Grizzlies!
  • And now, some fun. Here are the ten worst mothers in all of geekdom. I can’t really argue with Number One.
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