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I decided to bend a show rule or two in Episode 92 because it commemorated a special occasion. How often will I get to do a whole hour on the death of one of the most notorious killers in world history?

There were a few interesting aspects to the Abbottabad Raid story and I could easily have tacked a whole second hour onto the show to cover them more fully. But you work with the time you have, yes? I covered the ground well enough so that you know where I stand and what questions I think are worth exploring further.

We’re down to a bit more than a week to go in the “Delivery for The Delivery” fundraiser and I’d like to make up some serious ground. If you’ve been thinking about joining in but haven’t, now is certainly the time. If you know someone who might like to be part of things, please point them right to this link and tell them all the good things there are to tell about what I’m doing here. If there was ever a time to get behind good conservative new media, it’s right now.

The Delivery - Episode 92

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