Clearing the Browser Tabs – Mistah Osama, He Dead Tuesday Edition

| May 3, 2011 | Reply

I agree with Stephen Green’s assessment of Sunday night’s Abbottabad raid in every detail. His second point, especially, sums up my delighted surprise.

The second surprise? That President Obama sent in SEAL Team Six instead of jets, a UAV, or a cruise missile. Obama usually prefers his wars a little more antiseptic, but he made the right decision here. Killing Osama was personal, not business, and I’m glad a US shooter made the ID and took out the target.

Well done, Mr. President. Thank you.

Read over this story and learn just how much effort it took to run Osama bin laden to ground and how many of the Bush-era methods so reviled by the President and his Democratic fellows came into play. I’d like to think that he’s changed his mind, but I remain a skeptic.

And then there’s Pakistan, which has proven itself not our ally. What he will do about that, if anything, is still very much an open question. I pray that he keeps the resolve he showed this weekend, but I definitely have my doubts. Still, he did the right thing this weekend and has earned my thanks for it. I hope to have more opportunities to thank him before he takes his leave of us in 2013.

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