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Yesterday, President Obama released his long sought-after birth certificate. If you just yawned deeply and said, “…and?”, you pretty much had the correct reaction to that sentence. However, there is a certain segment of the fringe right for whom yesterday was Christmas and the Moon Landing all rolled up into one and tied off with the craziest of crazy ribbons.

You can pretty much sum up my reaction to the whole affair in these posts by Michelle Malkin and Stacy McCain. I will add this. It bugs me that the MSM didn’t spend any real time trying to get its hands on the President’s birth certificate, but turned itself into knots trying to figure out whether George W. Bush got the requisite number of hours in as an Air National Guard pilot. Take that as you will.

Oh, I may write something about this later, but in case I don’t, today is my birthday.

And now, links!

  • Whatever happened to that Maxine Waters ethics trial?
  • If Ron Paul is the harbinger of a Libertarian Moment, then I’ll say we’re not anywhere near one. Call me when he does something more than vote “no” to a bill or brings home a giant truckload of pork to his shrimp farmers.
  • If you’ve never heard Andrew Breitbart speak, you really should. He’s far from the most polished public speaker in the world but he gets the job done very well.
  • It’s a good thing Ezra Klein didn’t write Ben Bernanke’s speech yesterday. We couldn’t have handles that much pure economic fantasy in one go.
  • I’ll admit, using the anti-bullying message to bully people into going along with your view of the world is certainly one way of doing it. It’s not the way with integrity, but it’s about the only way Hollywood knows, I imagine.
  • It’s amazing how many of these demands made on WalMart by “activists for the poor” wouldn’t do much for the poor but would but an awful lot of money and power in hands of the activists.
  • Mark Steyn: It’s Hard Out Here for A Pump.
  • Finally, a few prayers for the tornado-stricken in Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee wouldn’t be amiss.
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4 Responses to “Clearing the Browser Tabs - Birthageddon Thursday Edition”

  1. zillaoftheresistance says:

    Happy Birthday, Jimmie! I hope today will be terrific for you.

  2. @smitty_one_each says:

    Happy Biseday!

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