Watch the MSM Build Their Election Narrative in Real Time

| April 26, 2011 | 2 Replies

I endorse every word of Moe Lane’s blog post to ABC News.

It is April of 2011.  We do not actually need to have everybody and his/her brother/sister declaring for the freaking Republican nomination, simply because Barack Obama needed to declare as early as possible that he was running so that he can get a head start on raising money.

I understand that you’re bored with Obama already, ABC – even if you’d rather gargle lava than admit it. But that’s not my party’s fault.

I’ll add one thing Moe did not. The MSM isn’t handicapping the likely Republican field because they are hungry for news to report. They’re doing it because every piece of lint they find under a candidate’s bed now makes that candidate look less Presidential. This is how the media builds the narrative about which Fred Thompson, Ace, and Ed Driscoll wrote over the weekend.

The idea here is to quell your enthusiasm, to take the shine off all the potential challengers to The Obamessiah so that when the real fight comes, you won’t be as excited to sell them to your friends and family. Remember how excited you were as a kid to get that toy you wanted more than anything else in the world? Remember how you felt about it a couple of months later when it got a dent or two and one of the decals got scuffed? That’s what the MSM is trying to do to every GOP candidate right now. They want you to doubt your favorite candidate’s belly-fire, make you stumble over alleged hypocrisies, and waste time arguing irrelevant issues while the Obama machine gets revved up.

In the early part of a campaign, money and enthusiasm matters. It is almost impossible to overcome a bad start. A candidate might get the nomination (see John McCain, 2008) but will end up at the bad end of a curb-stomping in the general election (see John McCain, 2008). That’s why it’s vital for the MSM to run these “horse race” stories. They want to take people out of the race early and hamstring the ones they can’t scare away. The easiest way for them to do that is to paint a picture of what the electorate believes that they can use to guide your thinking toward their candidate. The truth is, their narrative has as much structural integrity as an undercooked puff pastry. They don’t know who the eventual GOP nominee will be any more than you or I. Right now, anyone can win — that’s right, I said anyone — and the only definition of “viable” that counts in the end is who gets the biggest number on Election Day.

Don’t let the MSM or anyone else run this con on you. If there’s a candidate out there that gets you jazzed, then do your best to sell them to everyone you know. If your favorite candidate isn’t in the race yet, do everything you can to encourage them to get in. Keep your enthusiasm stoked high and don’t let the MSM dump a bucket of water over that fire. We’re going to need every bit of heat we can generate to turn Barack Obama out of the White House in November, 2012.


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