A Little Monday Music, Russian-Style

| April 25, 2011 | Reply

Once upon a time, I did a occasional post on Monday nights called, appropriately enough, Monday Night Music.  I never made a regular feature of it (though I did consider doing so, briefly) but I do like to return to it once in a while.

And so I shall today! Over the weekend, while looking for a completely unrelated video, I came across a couple wonderful pieces directed by the Russian legend Valery Gergiev. Gergiev has spent quite a bit of time recently recording all the Mahler syumphonies with the London Symphony Orchestra. I’d love to get my hands on a complete set of those recordings, though I fear it would be a bit outside my price range.

One of the knocks on Gergiev is that his tempi are way too fast. I’m inclined to agree, especially in the first video of Modest Moussorgski’s Pictures at an Exhibition. I do like the way he brings the bombast at the end, though. Few directors have been able to bring the sheer orchestral power like Gergiev.

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