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Let me give you the Executive Summary of Episode 90 in good/bad form.

Bad: Donald Trump, Donald Trump’s hair, the British press, most modern cartoons.

Good: Smart Girl Politics Action, Teri Christoph’s vacation spot, Molly Teichman’s birthday iPad, the live chat room, my fundraiser, Prince William and Kate Middleton, Phineas and Ferb.

If that seems like a random assortment of topics, well, okay. You got me there. Still, The Delivery is nothing but a series of shows about the things that interest me, within politics and without. There is no telling where a conversation might go when I bring guests on the show — the topic I introduce are less fences around a corral than guideposts on a fast ski slope — but that’s one of the things that makes The Delivery as much fun as it is.

Don’t forget the fundraising drive. I have high hopes for a good finish and I’d love some serious second-week momentum. Tell your friends and get them to drop a few bucks into the kitty as well. Remember, I’ll have some special audio goodies for everyone who takes part and they are good goodies.

The Delivery - Episode 90

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