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Lee Stranahan asked a question about the Republican Party, “vision”, and guerilla journalist James O’Keeffe the other day that I think deserves an answer from people within the GOP. Whether you like or hate O’Keeffe (and I freely admit I’m closer to the latter than the former), it’s nearly impossible to deny that he’s had a greater effect on the left’s fundamental power structure than anyone inside the Republican Party for a very long time. ACORN, once a pillar of the progressive machine, is simply gone. Its members are disgraced, many leaders around the country are under active criminal investigation, and the name itself has become radioactive, all because James O’Keeffe jumped on what sounded like a crazy idea and played it for all he was worth.

Stranahan’s question is important. The rules of the game have changed because media has changed. If conservatives really want to crush the progressive movement once and for all — and they certainly should want that — then they’re going to have to open their eyes to the possibilities. If not, well, welcome to the permanent minority.

And now, links!

  • Why would any government agency anywhere pay $600,000 for a gurgling toad statue?
  • Fred Thompson says we can safely ignore all the early media chatter about which candidates are viable and which are not. It’s a fixed game, as he learned just about three years ago.
  • Speaking of candidates getting the “he’s not viable” treatment, here’s a little Herman Cain action, from the Chicago Tea Party.
  • Presidential Petulance: Remember when the President of the United States saved his really tough talk for our enemies? Perhaps that why Barack Obama’s approval numbers are falling fast, despite the greatest efforts from the spinmeisters to stop them.
  • What is it with Democrats and the Second Amendment? It’s like they’re afraid of an armed populace or something.
  • Hmm..children taken out of their classrooms, paraded out into public, and taught to chant statist slogans. Now where have I seen that before…?
  • If you had to choose a blogger or a celebrity to endorse your product, which would you choose? Take a look at this article, if you guessed “celebrity”.
  • Happy Millionth Hit to Little Miss Attila! I honestly don’t know if I’ve gotten mine yet. I’m sure I have at some point, but I changed over Sitemeter when I went to the new format and I lost track of the old number. Ah, well.


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