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If you listen to even one episode of The Delivery, you know it is unique. No other podcast mixes politics and pop culture with humor and geek jokes and…why am I describing it? You don’t need a sales pitch. You know how good it is.

There is a sales pitch, though. So far, I’ve done The Delivery in my spare time and on a shoestring budget. I have a vision for the show that doesn’t necessarily involve a lot of changes and improvements but certainly involves more — more listeners, more guests, more great stuff for you. That means money.

I need to know if we can sustain The Delivery in a way that won’t involve stuffing it full of commercials and on-air sponsorships. I believe it can, so I’ve launched this experiment — a beginning, if you like — to see what I can raise for the show. If you have the money to give, please click on the donation button at the bottom of the post and add your own delivery. If you’re not comfortable with PayPal, send a DM to my Twitter account or send an e-mail to thesundriesshack [at] gmail [dot] com and I’ll get you what you need to send through the mail. I’m going to run this for a limited time — until May 12th — so don’t wait until the last minute!

I am cooking up a few little audio goodies to send to everyone who contributes. I won’t tell you exactly what they are, but I think you’ll want them. They’ll be exclusive to donors, so if you’re the type who likes special edition collectible things, well, you’re in luck!

So here it is. Please deliver generously for The Delivery!



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