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I happened across a story in my RSS reader that made me a bit annoyed. A British historian and television personality named Starkey felt it would be a fine idea to say that Prince William and his fiancee Kate Middleton have “not a trace of high romance or grand Mills & Boon passion” in their relationship. I honestly don’t know why he felt at liberty to opine on a relationship about which he can only know what they allow him to see, but I wish he hadn’t made it.

I am not particular fan of the British Royal family, but I find England’s honest affection for them rather charming. I wish only the best for the Prince and his soon-to-be-bride and I’d just as soon people like Starkey kept their criticisms to themselves. The pressure on the young couple must be tremendous and they don’t need amateur relationship experts carping at them from the cheap seats. Uninformed criticism can not be useful to them and will only put more of a strain on a stressful situation. Good relationships are hard enough to maintain without the relentless spotlight of an entire nation’s commentariat beating down on it. Starkey would be well advised to reflect on the damage people like him did to the marriage of William’s parents and speak only about what he knows, if at all.

And now, links!

  • R.I.P former Maryland Governor, Comptroller, Mayor of Baltimore, and statewide legend William Donald Schaeffer. Anyone who lived in Maryland during his lengthy political heyday has a few stories to tell, not all of them entirely unkind.
  • Happy Regulation Day?
  • Paul Krugman, Super @%@#$#^&%$ Patriot.
  • It appears the Taliban has come to England. If we’re not very careful, the same thing will happen here. Perhaps, though, our President has already flung the door open wide to the Islamists.
  • Old Line Elephant has a touching tribute to Holy Week.
  • It’s truly not odd at all how these two statistics merge, when you think about it for half a second.
  • Tyrany still exists, about 90 miles from our borders. It remains a black mark against us as a nation that we do not do more to change that situation.
  • The Oatmeal has a handy guide to repairing different kinds of computers. Woe betide you if you have a friend with a broken Linux box.
  • Want to hear trumpet music played on instruments that were once buried with King Tut? Now you can.
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