Clearing the Browser Tabs - What Palin Should Learn From Breitbart Sunday Edition

| April 17, 2011 | Comments (5)

Yesterday, Sarah Palin went to Wisconsin to speak to the Tax Day Tea Party there and gave a speech that may well prove her first real stump speech of the 2012 campaign. As I’ve said before, I’ve no idea if Palin is running for President (and I still don’t believe she knows either), but it’s hard to look at this speech as anything but a bid to run the Republican Party.

If that’s her course, then I’d like to give her one piece of helpful advice: be more like Andrew Breitbart. Breitbart also spoke at the Wisconsin rally and his speech may have been better than Palin’s. It was certainly more combative and took the fight directly to the left — something Palin has avoided since her disastrous ventures away from the safe confines of her carefully-managed Facebook page and Fox News appearances.

I certainly think Palin can give any Democrat a run for their money, but she’s going to have to come out from behind cover to do it. Thus far, she’s been fighting with long-distance artillery while Breitbart has spent most of the past couple years within knife-fighting distance of the very worst of the progressive movement. In the next couple months, I think she’s going to have to show that she can mix it up in close quarter combat with the left. So far, she’s not done that very well at all but she has time to learn and people close at hand who are willing, I believe, to teach her what they know. I suggest a long conversation with Andrew Breitbart would be a great place to start.

And now, links!

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  • Moe Lane proves, with two posts, that progressives simply don’t understand the basic rules of economics or how people act in a capitalist economy. It makes me wonder why we keep putting them in charge of our economy.
  • If you live in Canada, and you suddenly can’t get Netflix anymore, blame your big television companies.
  • If you tinker around with a blog, you’ll quickly learn that a smattering of knowledge in PHP is an awfully handy thing. Here are five free resources to help you get some PHP know-how. I think I’ll grab one or two of them myself, since my knowledge is not all that great.
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  1. @ParisParamus says:

    Totally agree with your analysis that Palin's speech wasn't that great. It wasn't a bad speech; and even got good when she was talking about Obama. But overall, Breitbart's intro was so much better in every way, and I was disappointed when it ended.

  2. Dave says:

    WRT Palin, yes and no. If she wades too far into the weeds, she loses all appearance of being “presidential”, Presidents don’t yell “Go to hell” to crowds of people (even Bambi tries to disguise flipping you off by scratching his face), no matter how much I would love to see Palin just stop, grin, and yell “EEFOHH, AS*****!” at the libtards.

    OTOH, she’s miles ahead of the other potential ‘Pubbie candidates in this area, probably right about where she needs to be. She needs to fearlessly broach subjects that are “taboo”, but that need to be brought up, then gracefully move on and let Breitbart AND US handle the spade and bayonet work in the trenches.

  3. Steve says:

    GREAT POST! We have Sarah Palin's speech posted now on Common Cents….

  4. [...] at least on the news wires. I needed the break, what with the bonus podcast I did Friday and the daily Clearing the Browser Tabs posts that ended up being just a teensy bit longer than I intended them to me.I spent the time cooking up [...]

  5. Ben David says:

    Breitbart's speeches are wonky and appeal to people who understand the politics involved.

    That may please you and me, but it does not reach the relatively uninvolved, apolitical mass of voters. How many people who've never heard of Trumka immediately lost interest in what Breitbart has to say?

    Palin's speeches connect with the apolitical majority, and communicate the situation to them.

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