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Just when you think the President can’t sink any lower, he hauls out a shovel and digs like there’s a campaign donation ten feet under his feet.

In 2008, Candidate Obama waxed sanctimonious about President Bush’s occasional use of signing statements (find a useful definition of those here). He claimed that, as a teacher of and believer in the Constitution he would not use signing statements “as a way of doing an end run around Congress”.

Today, that’s exactly what he did when he issued a signing statement to say, essentially, that he would ignore the part of the budget deal he personally negotiated that removed funds for four vacant Czar positions.

What amazes me most is that he broke a firm campaign promise for no other reason than to maintain his own personal power. His statement doesn’t help anyone. It doesn’t create a single useful job. It doesn’t help the economy, even under the twisted definition progressives use for that phrase. It doesn’t save a life or make anyone’s life better. It preserves four positions in government that have incredible power but are accountable to no one but him.

That ought to outrage you just a little bit, I think.

And now, links.

  • It’s a good day when some smart blogger takes the whupping stick to George Soros’ simpleminded attack poodle Lee Fang.
  • It’s a better day when someone else borrows the whupping stick and gives the unofficial White House blogger Ezra Klein a smack or two as well.
  • Ed Driscoll: Because You Can’t Spell “Misogyny” Without MSN.
  • Troy Senik speaks for all of America when he asks why the President published what looks like an old high-school mock UN class project in the New York Times instead of a piece of real grown-up foreign policy.
  • Jay Cost suspects strongly that President Obama’s attack speech last week wasn’t meant for anyone but the progressive base he’s angered lately.
  • If you really want to make a viral video, it’s going to take just a little bit more work than you think.
  • Very soon, you’ll be able to get your favorite author to sign your e-book electronically. I love how private enterprise finds inventive and, quite honestly, neat ways to get around what can seem like insurmountable problems.
  • This is cool: an amateur astronomer found a “winking” asteroid.


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