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Peter Jackson is one of my favorite directors. He makes movies I truly enjoy and I consider him a careful and diligent craftsman. The Frighteners is one of the most underrated suspense movies of the past twenty years and, well, I can’t pile enough superlatives on how he handled The Lord of the Rings.

As part of his production of The Hobbit, he’s started a video blog on Facebook to give fans a few heaping helpings of sneak peeks at the sets and some of the early work. Take a look. Hopefully more good directors will do the same when they film their movies.

And now, links!

  • This video on how the Japan Tsunami happened is long, but worth it.
  • Victor Davis Hanson really wants to know what’s going on in Barack Obama’s head.
  • Here is a blistering review of Barack Obama’s budget attack speech from Pat Austin.
  • Jim Pethokoukis has found the gaping hole in the President’s budget “plan”.
  • Wisconsin school teachers are about to get a very expensive surprise from their union.
  • Keven Eder has a tax-related challenge for any Democrat willing to take it up.
  • At last, the real reason Transformers 2 was such a noxious pile of movie dung.
  • I’ve gotten used to seeing some odd things pop up in my RSS reader, but I was genuinely surprised to see a profile of Shirley Jackson show up today. I recommend it highly to you, especially if you enjoyed The Lottery or The Haunting of Hill House. Jackson was an interesting author.
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