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| April 8, 2011 | Comments (0)

It’s not every day you can watch the President of the United States look a citizen in the eye and address him like he was a witless child, but that’s exactly what Barack Obama did to a man at a town hall rally in Pennsylvania. Ed Morrissey and Glenn Reynolds have the story, along with the quote that the Associated Press worked very hard to shove as far down the memory hole as their arm could reach.

The administration has had a very bad month and, from the looks of things, it’s not going to get any better any time soon. The President has the bit in his teeth and he’s determined to run in his own direction, no matter who he has to trample to get there. Let us hope that our country survives intact until January, 2013.

And now, links.

  • Jazz Shaw wrote an interesting article about the Paul Ryan budget plan over at Hot Air. I believe he’s wrong on the revenue part of his argument, but the spending part is pretty much right on. It’s worth a read.
  • The Libyan rebels we either know about or don’t know about, depending on whom you ask inside the administration, are pretty much the definition of “a ragtag fugitive fleet”.
  • According to faux Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes-Norton, not spending taxpayer money on abortions in Washington, DC is “the functional equivalent of bombing innocent civilians”. Seriously. This is how far the intellectual quality of elected Democrats has dropped that an allegedly-respectable public servant would say that not spending our money to kill innocent babies is exactly like killing innocent babies.
  • Have you ever wondered how much Smaug’s horde was worth? Well wonder no more!
  • Fred Hicks, game designer par excellence, wrote an interesting article on how to work social media. I love his analogy.
  • I’d suggest that George R.R. Martin spend less time trying to not make his A Song of Ice and Fire story end like Lost and more time making his story end.
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