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I’m pretty sure that the doom of mankind is upon us now that I’ve seen this video. I’m afraid I can’t adequately describe just how pitiful it is save to give you a short description of its contents: it is, essentially, a group of men apologizing to women for being men and asking, pretty please with sugar on top, if they can be women the rest of their lives without actually having to go through gender reassignment surgery.

I admit, I can’t tell you more than that. I only made it through less than a minute of the whole thing before I had to turn it off. I could actually feel my testosterone level dropping faster than a pregnant pole-vaulter wearing a lead radiation suit. I can not be held responsible for anything that happens to you if you choose to watch for longer than is absolutely necessary to laugh until tears flow from your eyes.

And now, links!

  • This post by the Troglopundit is the must-read post of the day. It contains more actual fact about how taxation and spending works than anything you will find squawked by the likes of Chris van Hollen, who I remind you, utterly failed to pass any kind of budget last year.
  • It’s worth remembering as we face a potential government shutdown, that everything the government tells you about the apocalypse you will face without its warm and comforting presence is specifically crafted to scare the bejeezus out of you.
  • Speaking of government fiction designed to scare you, take a look at the bogus “science” the EPA has used to regulate the air that you breathe.
  • In what world does the phrase “incorporate my uterus” make any sense save the very strange world of the progressive left? However, the phase does suggest that any potential inhabitants of said incorporated wombs should be considered stakeholders, with a say about whether they live or die.
  • Single women? Here is a very useful checklist for your future dating purposes.
  • Ed Driscoll revisited a classic essay, and substituted “Barack Obama” for “Bill Clinton”.
  • One day, we’ll have a free trade agreement with Colombia. Hopefully, the Colombians will forgive us for letting wealthy union leaders hold things up for more than four years.
  • Here is an app I’m pretty sure you will want for your iPhone or iPad — Atari’s 100 Greatest Hits. You can buy selected game packs for 99 cents, or the whole shebang for $14.99. I’m actually amazed that the Sword Quest games made the list.
  • Here is a beautiful photo of the Milky Way that would make an amazing desktop wallpaper.
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