Clearing the Browser Tabs – Game-Changing Wednesday Edition

| April 6, 2011 | Reply

The rave reviews for Paul Ryan’s budget plan keep rolling in. James Pethokoukis, in the course of asking and answering three essential questions, calls it a game-changer and I find little room for disagreement. Troglopundit, King of All Motivators, has the poster that doubtless haunts the dreams of many a Democrat tonight.

You can read Ryan’s remarks on his proposal to the American Enterprise Institute here, then check out this brief article for a touch of motivation. I spent the first half of the show last night on the “Path to Prosperity” and why it really is that big a deal. I also got into the incredibly irresponsible (if I may borrow a word from our President) manner in which the Democrats demagogued it today even though we all know darned well they have no clue what’s actually in it. I admit, I got just a tiny bit heated at one point. But it’s okay, I evened it out with some humor and introduced a brand new White House Press Secretary. The show post will be up a bit later this morning.

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