Episode 86, the second Great Friday Show Experiment, is in the can and I consider it a rousing success. There were as many folks in the live chatroom on Friday as there was the past couple of Tuesdays. The show is beginning to draw a real crowd and I have you, faithful listeners, to thank for it. I see the nice things you say about me and the show on Twitter and I’m grateful.

I was pleased to have two very smart, talented guests on the show — my friends Ashley Sewell and Chris Muir. They really brought the thunder and I think you’ll like what they have to say on subjects as varied as the President’s Mystery Libyan Policy and the ways that New Media is pushing Old Media out of the influence game. In between the segments, you’ll find yet another Greg Antsey parody. This one may kill a few chunks of your cerebellum, but at least you’ll know what day comes before Saturday!

Hey, what can I say? I resolved early on that The Delivery would be fun and that’s exactly what this episode is. Fun. Fun. Fun. Fun.

Oh, and there’s one more bonus. Chris was gracious enough to provide the show art for this episode. It’s part of a larger comic that he made just for the show. Behold!

My very own piece of Chris Muir artwork. I may just have to strut for a few days.

The Delivery - Episode 86

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