At least one group of state employees will reap some rewards from the left’s full-throated assault on anyone who has even hinted that they’d like to take a crumb of power from the wealthy and powerful public sector union heads: police officers.

There have been so many serious death threats in the past few weeks that police officers are going to see some pretty fat overtime checks because of all the hours they’ll have to put in to investigate them.

Today we can add one more threat to the ever-increasing list.

The Mackinac Center for Public Policy received numerous death threats and bomb threats in the aftermath of national publicity about a Freedom of Information Act request it sent to three public universities.

The messages were left on the Center’s voice mail Thursday night and early Friday morning, but it is unclear at this point if one or two women were responsible for the threats.


There were five messages left containing death or bomb threats. Four of them appear to be from the same caller. A fifth message was from a woman who left a death threat and, unlike the previous caller, left her name and indicated she lived in a neighboring state. It was unclear if the second caller was the same as the first caller.

In one message, a female voice said: “Scotty Walker is dead. So are you. We know where you live.” The woman then recited the Mackinac Center’s address and said, “We are coming up to destroy you.”

In another message, a female who left her name said: “You are on Main Street. You are the first place to be bombed.”

I shouldn’t have to say this is vile behavior from the so-called tolerant left. I also shouldn’t have to say that such behavior as we’ve seen from the incredibly powerful public sector unions, not only in Wisconsin and Michigan, but around the country puts paid to the lie that what they crave most is civility in our public discourse.

What they crave most is power and they will allow no one — not even you — to oppose them without a storm of hate and venom.

UPDATE: The Lonely Conservative has some thoughts on the matter.



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3 Responses to “The New Civility Arrives in Michigan”

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  3. @Cheesestick says:

    You know, it is kind of funny (in the strange sense), that it used to be mainly men making death threats and bomb threats, no? I realize that the majority of teachers are female and since the most recent union issues have involved them I guess it makes sense that it would be less likely to be a man making such threats. But still…sure seems like a lot more instances now of women completely twisting off.

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