The more bonus episodes of The Delivery on Friday evening, the more I’m convinced I need to do more than one a week, every week. The only problem is that neither I nor SMP Mike have schedules conducive to such an undertaking. Perhaps that situation will change in the relatively near future. Until then, I’ll squeeze them in whenever the spirit, and our schedules, take me.

Be sure not to miss last night’s show, which featured Ashley Sewell and Chris Muir. They definitelyh helped make the show greater than the sum of its parts. I’ll post the link when the show hits the web.

And now, links!

  • It takes a special kind of thinking to reach the conclusion that watching “The A-Team” more than twenty years ago warped your mind. Then again, Rachel Maddow is a special kind of thinker.
  • A guy in American burns one Koran and Muslims in Afghanistan go berserk and murder a dozen people in a UN office. I’m pretty sure this puts the final coffin nail in the “Religion of Peace” fantasy. Of course, you can expect there’ll be plenty of people here in America who’ll blame the guy who burned the Koran.
  • I have the feeling that Senator Rand Paul might actually drive Harry Reid completely insane. It won’t be a long trip if he does.
  • Episode 4 of All-American Radio is out. Duane interviews military expert Steve Schippert and Senate candidate Andrew Ian Dodge.
  • So, the rising meme from the left is that you have to be a progressive totalitarian to be a good Christian? Stacy isn’t having any of that.
  • For a “non-partisan organization”, the AARP sure does a lot of partisan stuff.
  • When is enough enough? Don’t ask Ben Bernanke; he has no clue.
  • Here’s another stunning image from the Solar Dynamics Observatory.
  • What is the mysterious ribbon of energy that wraps around our solar system?
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