Did you know you’re an extremist? Well you are, according to the Democrats’ Talking Point Utterer-in-Chief Chuck Schumer. He let slip before a big media conference call that the Phrase that Pays for Democrats these days is “extremist”, as in “we hates us some Republican extremist budget cuts”. Unfortunately for him and his merry band of spend happy Senators, we’re on to his game.

You’ll hear more about who exactly the extremists are these days in the new episode of The Delivery which will land later today.

And now, links!

  • Doug Powers: “Crusader Against Unpaid Parking Tickets Had Over $2,000 in Unpaid Parking Tickets”. Funny how the rules for folks like Anthony Weiner only seem to apply after we learn he’s broken them.
  • Fighting for free speech, for everyone, in Arizona. I don’t like public financing of political campaigns. It really is a kick in the teeth to free speech. If we don’t like how much money candidates raise, the obvious answer is to make the stakes for winning worth a lot less. Smaller government means less pork gets paid out to campaign contributors and, what do you know, the corruption problem gets a whole lot smaller.
  • Thanks to a courageous Governor, lots of Wisconsin government employees will take home a bigger paycheck. The unions hate that and are trying to stop it by any means necessary.
  • Finally, Arianna Huffington had the courage to say, through another person, that she doesn’t think Andrew Breitbart is a racist. He’s still banished from her website and plenty of other people who sling around insults write there without fear of banishment, but at least her shriveled little heart is happy.
  • This is Media Matters’ first shot in their much-ballyhooed war against Fox News? Really? How…feeble. You’d think that George Soros was rich enough to buy real attack dogs, not a pack of yipping puppies.
  • NASA will release the first photos of Mercury from the Messenger Probe in a live-streamed press conference this afternoon. It ought to be fun to watch if you’re a space science geek.


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