I enjoy Stacy McCain’s posts most when his considerable experience as a journalist and his snark align as they did in this post about New York Times’ editor Bill Keller:

Failure heaped upon embarrassing failure cannot be endlessly repeated and sold to the proprietors as success. Sooner or later, all these failures for which you have been personally responsible (try as you might to direct the blame elsewhere by your promiscuous use of “we”) will eventually tip the scales against you, and you’ll be gone.
Not a moment too soon, either. You are a stinking disgrace to the profession of journalism and the world would have been better off had you decided to pursued a career as a pimp, a carnival sideshow hustler or some other occupation for which you might possess an actual aptitude.

Go back and read the whole thing. This is a howl of outage against blinding, destructive arrogance that is worthy of your attention.

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