Today is Thursday, which as we all know, is the day before Friday. Saturday, I have heard, comes after. Normally, this would make me glad — the upcoming weekend, not the song reference I just made in a vain attempt to get the excerpt SMP Mike played for us at the end of Tuesday’s live Delivery show — but I’m not feeling much glee.

For some reason, perhaps related to global warming, Spring has gone on an early vacation and has abandoned us to a rather ticked-off Winter. The weather forecast shows temps in the low 40s heading toward a rendezvous with, believe it or not, snow in some amount late Saturday night or Sunday morning. Snow. In Maryland. In late March.

Al Gore can go soak his foolish head.

And now, links!

  • I believe Trog has given us the best illustrated representation of what the Democratic Party thinks of Americans I’ve ever seen. In short: you don’t know enough to run your own life, so they need to do it for you.
  • I was tempted to laugh at the idea of a “Media Matters Boot Camp” for budding online and media pundits, but I can’t. It’s another example of how the left has sunk money and effort into building a media presence that doesn’t focus on already-established think-tanks and web sites. The right should take a good long look at that concept, then start writing some checks.
  • I would think that the story of a union goon berating prison guards for asking relatively innocent questions about the hard sell he was giving them would be a bigger story. Then again, union bullying stories are a dime a dozen these days.
  • James Pethokoukis has an interesting proposition for the Fed. He suggests that a good helping of voluntary transparency would go a long way toward keeping Congress off its back. Government transparency? What a concept!
  • The road to Sesame Strees is paved with colorful, educational hate.
  • The Solar Dynamics Observatory is sending back some amazing images of our sun. Here is an almost unimaginably-large solar prominence.
  • A new Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? No, no, and a thousand times no!


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