At the risk of turning The Sundries Shack into The Cimmerian Yurt, let me share with you a little video tidbit I found while doing some research for the Conan part of the latest episode of The Delivery. I think you will like it.

That is legendary soundtrack composer Basil Poledouris conducting some of his own work from Conan the Barbarian shortly before his untimely death. I warn you, do not play that too loudly in your cubicle, lest it rouse in your a spirit to crush your co-workers, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the women.

And now, links!

  • The President can not — can not — be so dumb as to nominate Jamie Gorelick as the new Director of the FBI. Or can he?
  • Duane Lester has a new episode of All American Radio out. Be sure to grab it, right after you grab The Delivery, of course.
  • A few thoughts on Libya from Troy Senik at Ricochet on a potential conservative schism, from Clyde Middleton at Liberty Pundits on the President as a teenager with a charge card, and Ace who amplifies some conservative objections to the war.
  • The President seems to have just a few problems with his dictionary. Well, either that or he’s lying through his teeth.
  • How about some strange radio signals from Saturn? I promise you, Rebecca Black’s “Friday” is not involved.
  • This is perhaps the most amazing story from the Japanese earthquake you will read all week (language warning for the f-bomb).
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