Clearing the Browser Tabs - Hating Sarah Wednesday Edition

| March 23, 2011 | Comments (4)

I didn’t think it was possible, but Bill Maher finally launched an attack at Sarah Palin so vile that the National Organization for Women actually condemned it. Okay, it was a grudging condemnation that, essentially, boiled down to “Darn you right-wingers for holding us to our stated mission and making us defend a woman we don’t like” but I’ll take it.

I still haven’t figured out what it is about Palin that drives people like Maher to flip their lids so badly. Whatever it is, I want her to do more of it so that, one day, Maher will simply fall into a frothing convulsion of hate and rage while filming his show and we’ll be able to watch it over and over again on YouTube and laugh ourselves sick.

And now, links!

  • We’re a couple months into the new majority and the House GOP hasn’t has a hull breach on spending. We’re still very early in the game and the big budget battles are a couple months in the future but so far, so good. Not everyone agrees with me, though.
  • Mark Steyn has some sharp words for Arab “intellectuals”.
  • Nick Gillespie sat down for a fascinating interview with conservative economist and very smart man Walter Williams on his life and career.
  • Who are “the 99ers”? Let Lee Stranahan introduce you to the unemployment addicts.
  • Jeffrey Lord wrote a fantastic post on Three Mile Island and the USS Ronald Reagan. They do go together and Lord’s point about nuclear power and how we take such care with it today is one that the MSM should have been making days ago.
  • The producer of the upcoming remake of Red Dawn wants us to know that the early reviews of his movie are not to be believed.
  • Old Line Elephant has a link roundup of his own. There are a lot of good Maryland-specific links. He’s likely to make this a weekly feature, which would make me quite happy.



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Comments (4)

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  1. @MDMRN says:

    I'll be honest - I don't buy those who say the remake of Red Dawn won't be awful. I have little to no hope for that remake.

  2. When The Police Showed To Break Up The Party, Stacy McCain Personally Requested Some Brutality : The Other McCain says:

    [...] album. And if that’s not enough reading for you, check out Sir Jimmie of Bise for his ‘Clearing the Browser Tabs‘ post.Category: Blogging, Rule 5Commentsblog comments powered by Disqus /**/ var [...]

  3. JPazzesco says:

    Palin makes the left (especially the media) crazy because they feel responsible for her fame. They trashed Hillary in order to get Obama. Now they have to live with the fact that the first female POTUS will likely be a Republican because they traded their only real female star for Obama. The more Obama screws up, the more they hate themselves and the more vicious they become.

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