When Dan Collins says he is unworthy of our assistance, do not listen to him. In fact, I recommend you scoff gently at him then hit his tip jar so hard it rings like the moon when the lunar lander plonked down on it in 1969.

Let me tell you a little something about Dan. He is, bar none, one of the finest conservative writers on the web and perhaps the least given to self-promotion. He does not do fundraising drives. He does not blow his own horn. He rarely asks for help. So when he says he’s in a hard way, he’s in a hard way.

Times are tough, I know. Lots of folks need help these days and you generous folk can feel stretched pretty thin pretty quickly. But Dan could use whatever help we can get to him. Drop him a few bucks or buy his book. Every fiver helps.

Also, don’t forget the bonus episode of The Delivery tonight at 8 PM Eastern. Kurt Schlichter and I are raring to go and you’ll want to be there when the fun goes down.

And now, links!

  • Democratic election fraud? In the solidly-Democratic state of Michigan? And a blogger-turned-local-party-honcho was involved? No, this can’t be. Democrats don’t do election fraud. Just ask them!
  • Michelle Malkin has her very own iPhone/iPad and Android app, huh? Well, you might as well download it and just soak in the goodness. I’ll just be over here programming these cards for my difference engine-based blogging machine.
  • From Congress to big lobbyist paychecks — the pipeline is as well-greased as it has ever been and until we destroy it we will never be rid of Big Daddy Government.
  • I heard a lot during the campaign that Barack Obama was a brilliant instinctive politician, but I have a hard time finding any proof for that assertion after two bumbling years.
  • Ed Driscoll’s latest Silicon Graffiti: “Forward, Into the Past.”
  • My guest on tonight’s special episode of The Delivery, Kurt Schlichter, has a solid review of Battle: Los Angeles at Big Government. If you read it, you’ll have a leg up on part of what we’ll talk about on the show!
  • Last night, NASA’s Messenger probe arrived in orbit around Mercury. I hope for some very cool photographs soon.
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