I’m very excited about The Delivery this week. Not only do I have Rob Long booked for pretty much the whole show tonight but I’m adding a special treat.

Friday, at 8 P.M. Eastern, I’ll record a special episode of The Delivery with Big writer, soldier, lawyer  and all-around cool cat Kurt Schlichter. I’ve had Kurt on the show before, although only for a half, and it’ll be very good to have him for the whole hour. Why a special show on Friday, you may ask? Well, I’ve been toying around with the idea of doing two shows a week, but I’m not quite sure how my schedule, and SuperMegaProducer Mike, will be able to handle the considerable amount of extra work a second show would require. Consider this week a test run. If it goes well, I’ll do another one in the near future. We’re playing around with which day works best, not only for Mike and me but also for the faithful listeners who throng the chat room during the live show.

Also, a second show would allow me to bring guests on with greter frequency and let me unleash a rant more often. Right now, I have to balance the two since I only have so much real estate on the show.

Be sure you don’t miss tonight’s show, then mark your calendars for Friday night!

And now, links!

  • How much is the debt that our President and the Democrats insist we continue to rack up actually costing us? The numbers are pretty ridiculous.
  • Moe Lane does not, in any way, pity the fool.
  • Stephen Green is out with a new Hair of the Dog and it is, as usual, excellent.
  • Mark Steyn on the mass murder the MSM has hidden from our view and why they have done so.
  • The aforementioned Kurt Schlichter on the “Revenge of the Conservanerds”. You can bet that we’ll talk about it on Friday.
  • Happy Fifth Anniversary to the Mars Reconaissance Orbiter!
  • This is a pretty good preview of the coming Canadian Football League schedule, if you’re interested. I catch a couple or three CFL games a year and always enjoy them. With the NFL likely headed for a messy and protracted lockout, the CFL isn’t a bad option when you need a football fix.
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