It’s Monday and the USS Ronald Reagan has steamed through A GIANT RADIOACTIVE CLOUD, OH NOES! The article quotes the ubiquitous Robert Alvarez, who seems to be everywhere on this story even though, as best I can tell, his big claim to nuclear know-how fame is that he was a “policy adviser” to the Energy Department. He’s worried, of course, because worry gets him quoted a lot more and, I’m sure, makes his employer very happy that he’s getting so much visibility.

And so it goes.

And now, links!

  • The weekend, the left was supposed to thunder into Wisconsin on Noisy Tractor Wheels of Solidarity. Instead, they barely got enough to work a good-sized farm.
  • It would be a good thing if the snarky left minded their Ps and…umm…Ps. Or not. I think it’s fun when the Sooooper Geniuses of the progressive movement beclown themselves.
  • Roger Kimball has an excellent article on the mass murder in Israel about which you heard nothing.
  • One day, the GOP will learn not to reward backstabbers and finks. That day isn’t today, but lets hope it comes soon.
  • Witness the fruits of engagement with tyrants.
  • The only thing worse this weekend than watching the MSM completely botch the coverage of the Fukushima reactors was watching the left try to pin the whole thing on global warming. Note to my cultist friends: isostatic rebound doesn’t work that way.
  • No one, but no one, can turn a computer-related calamity into blogging gold like Stacy McCain. Read and enjoy.
  • Where are Americans moving? Here’s a neat interactive map that’ll show you.
  • Here is a very neat, and quite beautiful, movie and article about the Fibonacci Series. Yes, it’s geeky, but you’ll like it even if you’re not a geek. Trust me.
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