I don’t know about you, but I keenly dislike Daylight Saving Time. And when I say “keenly dislike”, I mean that I hate it with the fury of ten thousand unfairly-jilted lovers. I hate it like the darkness hates the light. I hate it like Cookie Crook hates that meddling Cookie Crisp cop. I hates it like Gollum hates hobbitses.

I suppose maybe I might appreciate it if I was a farmer, but I’m not. I’m a guy who normally had a late coming-in on Saturday and an early going-out on Sunday. I need that hour for study and to relax a bit so I can get some productive sleep.

But no Mr. “I Invented Bifocals and Discovered Electricity” had to go and foul up this most beautiful weekend in March with his little suggestion that, believe it or not, didn’t get adopted until around World War I when Germany and her allies put it in place.

And now (yawn), links!

  • At some point, reasonable and thoughtful people will simply laugh every time Michael Moore opens his bloated, ignorant yap. On that day, I will be the happiest man on the planet.
  • Thank you, Moe Lane for introducing me to the phrase “The Rubber Band of mendacity” and for laying the beatdown on former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich. Governor Walker has, in two weeks, turned the progressive movement into a mob of screeching howler monkeys whose entire rhetorical output has been no better than several handfuls of flung poo.
  • William Jacobsen’s piece on how PolitiFact has turned itself into PolitiTalkingPoint is well worth your time today.
  • I’m a big fan of Peter Robinson’s Uncommon Knowledge podcast (and so should you be!). This week’s show features Mitch Daniels, who may well be one of the two most interesting 2012 Presidential candidates we’ll see.
  • You know your energy policy is banged-up when Bill Clinton calls it “ridiculous”.
  • What is this whole “supermoon” thing we’ve been hearing about all week? Let a NASA guy tell you all about it.
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