The Left's New Civility: Hostage Tactics and Death Threats

| March 10, 2011 | 2 Replies

You would expect, given all the talk from Democrats about how we need more civility in our political discourse and how “violent rhetoric” is as dangerous as actual violence, that the left would react to last night’s vote in Wisconsin with moderation and calm.

Except they haven’t quite figure out how to manage a civil, moderate riot, so I guess civility will just have to wait.

Last night, the Democrats’ union allies stormed the Capitol building in Madison and took it over. There’s a good chance that the Wisconsin Assembly won’t be able to meet today to vote on the bill because of the mob, which is most definitely by design. Meanwhile, those who couldn’t be part of the Hippie Hostage Happening struck a few blows of their own in the form of death threats directed at Republican Senators and a flood of ridiculous hyperbole that compared the evening’s vote to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. This threat, in particular, typifies just how far the left has racheted up the rhetoric in Wisconsin over the past month or so.

Lost on the Democrats has been any concern for the children they have failed, not just in Wisconsin, but all over the country. Perhaps, among their rioting and Hitler chants, they could spare a thought for how they can actually teach children

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