Clearing the Browser Tabs - A Win in Wisconsin Thursday Edition

| March 10, 2011 | Comments (3)

Tonight, a plucky group of Republicans in Wisconsin did the impossible: They took on the wealthy and entrenched special interests and their national power brokers and won. The Republican State Senate passed an amended version Governor Walker’s “budget repair” bill. The reason the bill is different is because, thanks to their Democratic counterparts who are (as of tonight) still in hiding somewhere in Illinois, Republicans had to strip out several fiscal portions of the bill. They will take those up if and when the “fleebaggers” ever decide to return to work.

The sections to which the left most loudly object did pass, however, which is good news not only for Wisconsin taxpayers, but for those of us who still live in states where public sector unions wield power far out of proportion to the number of voters and taxpayers they actually represent. Wisconsin state employees will still have collective bargaining, though not for benefits, and they will now have the freedom to choose whether they will belong to a union or not. You can expect the progressives and their cohorts in the MSM to continue to dissemble about the bill and what it really does. That’s to be expected. They’re not known for being particularly good losers.

And now, links!

  • Congratulations to Stacy McCain’s lovely daughter for her first media appearance. She’s going to be a great teacher.
  • Stephen King is a brilliant author, but his knowledge of how taxes work leave a lot to be desired.
  • Remembering Ronald Reagan’s “Evil Empire” speech, 28 years later.
  • When you get right down to the bottom of our fiscal problems, you find those ol’ debbils spending and entitlements.
  • I realized, when I read this article on the old PBS “Omnibus” series, that I don’t read Terry Teachout nearly as much as I should.
  • Rob Long has the last word on Charlie Sheen.
  • This is beautiful. Herman Cain took a question — actually a series of questions — from a progressive would-be heckler and…well…just watch.
  • How about a neat photo of one of the Mars rovers taken from a satellite in orbit?
  • If this story about how a group of soldiers granted the wish of a dying boy doesn’t touch your heart, I’m not sure it can be touched (via knifework’s Twitter feed).
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  1. woodelf says:

    Um, "still have collective bargaining"? By what definition? They may now bargain solely on wage, and no wage increase may exceed inflation, meaning they actually can't ever get a wage increase. Their only choices are to have static wages (since they'll just keep up with the increase in cost of living) or decreasing wages. They can't even agree to take a temporary wage freeze in return for a bigger increase in the future, because no wage increase may exceed the rate of inflation. So if they *ever* have a wage increase less than the rate of inflation, it will be a functionally-permanent wage cut-can't even make it up in a boom year.

    And how is it bargaining, when the workers have nothing on their side to bargain with? "We'd like to have a bigger wage increase next year, and, in return, we're willing to give up nothing, because we're not allowed to bargain on anything else." or "We're willing to take a smaller wage increase [or a wage cut], so long as you give us, um, nothing." Let's be honest: this bill takes away all functional collective bargaining ability. Public-sector unions in WI now have about the same bargaining rights that you do when shopping at the grocery store. This is true whether you support or oppose that change.

    • Jimmie says:

      BY the definition that they can bargain for most of the other issues over which employees usually bargain with their employers. In fact, they have more collective bargaining power than their federal counterparts, and workers in several other states. They’re doing just fine.

  2. The Real Message of Wisconsin. « Romanticpoet's Weblog says:

    [...] notes, it all happened without the loss of a single teacher’s job. The public sector unions spent months, and tens of millions of dollars in member dues, pushing the story that small government is [...]

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