The Delivery Presents — Palin, Progressives, and Programs that Died Too Soon

| March 9, 2011 | 6 Replies

Episode 81 is in the can, and while I won’t claim it’s the best show of the crop, I can claim it has a lot on which you can chew. I talked a bit about Sarah Palin and why we conservatives really can’t waste time on her until she decided what it is she wants to do. That might sound controversial, but I don’t think you’ll see it that way once you’ve listened. I also got into a little bit about the Progressive Movement, or at least the different types of progressives we have with us today. I wish I had time for another segment to expand on the subject, but I did run out of time. I’d like to revisit it, but if nothing else, then maybe I’ve given you a topic for thought and discussion. That wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

My own big takeaway from the first half of this show is that I really do need to do more than one show a week. I’m to the point where I routinely have far more to talk about than I have time to talk. Perhaps one day soon I’ll have the time to add a second hour at some other point in the week. Of course, I’d only do so if I knew you’d come along and join the fun.

The second half is all about one of my favorite subjects — television. After losing The Cape to NBC’s mighty cancellation axe, I figure it was time I talked about why good shows need time free from ratings pressure to develop and grow. The way I see it, if we stopped trusting the networks with the itchy trigger fingers, they’ll either wither away or figured out that they lost our trust and repent of their wicked ways. Either one would be a win for folks who like good stories on television.

The Delivery - Episode 81

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