Clearing the Browser Tabs - Long Form Monday Edition

| March 7, 2011 | Comments (1)

As you may have noticed, there wasn’t a lot of activity at The Shack this weekend. I decided to take a day or so off to work on a couple projects on which I’ve wanted to devote some time. If things go well, I’ll be able to tell you more about them soon. If not, well, it was good to work on tasks that aren’t related to the blog or the podcast.

Todays links are all long-form blog posts by very good writers. I know that it’s not de rigueur to write a post more than 500 words long or so (apparently, you’re all a bunch of ADHD-addled lab mice on uppers), but I like reading longer pieces on the web. I’ve collected a few gems, some from more famous columnists whose names you may know and some from skilled and clever writers whose names you should know. So enjoy!

And now, links!

  • Ace on how the Republican leadership’s timidity on budget cuts let the big-spenders off the ropes and gave them a potent weapon.
  • Ann Coulter on why public sector unions work against you, assuming that you’re not a Democratic politician or a public sector union leader.
  • Mark Steyn on the vastly under-reported story of two American soldiers gunned down by a Muslim in Germany and the demographics that will make such murders far more frequent.
  • Mark Hemingway, at his new digs at The Weekly Standard, on how the Tea Party was right on the home mortgage bailout and the haughty Beltway pundits were dead wrong.
  • Ladd Ehlinger on Serenity and freedom.
  • Avik Roy on why it’s better to have no insurance at all than rely on Medicaid.
  • An interesting and wide-ranging interview with my favorite contemporary historian Paul Johnson.
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  1. Jessica says:

    Loved the "Liberty and Serenity" post. I liked his take on why the 1st Amendment is 1st and the 2nd comes 2nd. ^_^

    I'd never really thought of Firefly as an anti-big-government show—I try to keep politics out of my fandoms if at all possible—but it really is. I think the stereotype that all bad governments = Republican/Right-wing governments gets flipped around; it's kind of amazing some of the liberal people I know love it so much, when I think about it. (You should have seen the fits they pitched when they started following Adam Baldwin on Twitter and found out he was conservative! hahaha.)

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