As advertised, the show was pretty rant-tastic, at least for the first half. I admit that the matter of public sector unions gets me pretty fired up, mostly because they truly are leeches on the soft underbelly of our government. You will have to judge for yourself whether my rants are shrill or strident or entertaining and worth hearing more often. I prefer you think them worth your time, but I’d love to hear your opinion. So when I post the link later today, be sure to tell me!

And now, links!

  • Marching orders from the teachers’ unions: “Educate, collaborate, AGITATE!” By the way, that “education” part doesn’t actually include students. It doesn’t include this brief primer on what collective bargaining really means either. It does, however, include mob intimidation of state lawmakers and enjoying a pretty sweet ride on the backs of hard-working Wisconsinites.
  • The hostility continues to mount in Wisconsin as the left-wing vilification of Fox News manifests in violence. Don’t expect much anger at the Democratic Senators who fled, though. They’re only doing what the unions who have paid them handsomely want them to do. That includes forcing a pregnant woman to stay on the run and away from her family and support for two weeks.
  • Ben Domenech wrote a great article for The New Ledger about where video game makers should go in the future and how they’ll overcomes the problems they encounter along the way.
  • The Think Progress smear machine is at it again. You can tell because Lee Fang, their Fantasist in Chief has the by-line.
  • Here’s another sign that 2011 isn’t 1995 and that a government shutdown would not spell political ruin.
  • Yet another example of how regulations keep otherwise good people from starting their own businesses. I imagine that bigger tour companies in DC love the regs because they can afford them easily.
  • Here’s an interesting article/video combo from Bill Whittle about the classic sci-fi movie Forbidden Planet. I’m not sure the attempt to shoehorn it into a political context works well, but you might think differently.
  • It looks like UStream is going to launch a brand-new iPhone app. That’s good, because they ones they have aren’t all that great. How maybe they can work on making their service a touch more stable.
  • In my lifetime, we gone from sending our astronauts out into the great unknown to sending them to do home-improvement jobs on a ramshackle space station in low-Earth orbit. Whoopie.
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