If you use Twitter, even a little bit, you’ll have seen a hashtag game. What happens is that someone puts out a tweet, hopefully funny, based on a theme that’s made plain by a hashtag (#FirstDraftMovieTitles, #NorrisFacts, #BadSequels, etc.). If the hashtag and the joke are good, and sometimes if they’re not, a few other people will pick up the theme, and some of their followers will do the same. Pretty soon, Twitter is afire with dozens, if not hundreds of tweets all working on the same joke. Most times, if you catch one early, you can find a lot of funny on your timeline. Eventually, the game peters out as folks run out of funny ideas and start to repeat each other. But while it lasts, a hashtag game is one of the best things that can happen on Twitter, at least to my reckoning.

I tell you this because last night, the #LiberalMovies hashtag (thanks to my buddy Andrew Lawton) took off. You can see how the jokes progressed here and, if you scroll down far enough, you’ll see a few of mine. I caught it late int he game, so the quality wasn’t all that high and there was a lot of noise to signal, but there are some gems in there.

And now, links!

  • According to most GOP “insiders” on Thursday, there was no way at all conservatives could win the government shutdown fight. On Friday, John Boehner won the government shutdown fight. Good thing he didn’t listen to those loser “insiders” eh?
  • Everywhere Herman Cain speaks, he fires up the crowd. But surely there’s no way a business-savvy, crazy-popular with the grassroots, Tea Party-loving charismatic cancer-survivor who gives his speeches without notes or a teleprompter can possibly be a serious Presidential candidate, right? Right.
  • As much caterwauling as the Democrats did about violent rhetoric, you’d think one or two of them would have spoken up about the National Hate-O-Rama their party has been backing all week long.
  • Gun down your people in cold blood and bomb them from the air and what will President Barack Obama do to you? Why, he’ll closet himself in the White House for a few days until he can cook up some really wicked tough sanctions on you! So let that be a lesson, despots!
  • I admit I’m on the fence about the coming ThunderCats anime series. However, now that I’ve seen the first trailer from Cartoon Network, I think it could be really, really good. I do need to see some more Mumm-Ra, Slythe, and Ro-Bear Berbils (via io9)


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